Khan & Co. Film & Media Pvt. Ltd.

Khan & Co. Film & Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading production houses with business interests across the entertainment spectrum from exhibition to education funded by Mr. Shams Parvez Khan.

One of India’s most successful film producers, the company as a library of hit films and has a branded itself as globaly recognised and entertainment.

The company has successfully diversified its business into other areas of film industry the company as a thriving distribution and programming business.

Khan & Co. Film & Media Pvt. Ltd. offers end to end integrated services including production, post production and media & creative services to production houses, studios and broadcasters of television contain production through our subsidy, Mumbai films which primarily produces nonfiction shows in addition to adapting international programming formats for Indian viewers.

Our aim is to release master piece and long time memorable entertainment programs, also we step in digitalization benefits in educational programmes, for better high-tech world class system applied in our nation.