Integrated Management System

Environment, Health, Safety and Quality:

Our Board of Directors and staff are totally committed to the implementation and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management Systems governing our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Codes of Practice. These systems are living documents that are continually reviewed and improved in line with industry best practice.

We emphasis on internally improving the physical and social environments in which employees operate in. We constantly perform risk management techniques to identify the dangers employees can encounter in the workplace. Preventing these problems are highly beneficial and results have shown that a safe and hygienic environment has led to a higher productivity. Our standards of procedure and policies are implemented to ensure employee safety and health is an action taken proactively and controlled by the top management.

EHSQ objectives are given equal value with other business objectives and being monitored by top management. Implementation of our EHSQ policy is strongly supported by our Board of Directors and through the empowerment of all of our employees.

The quality of everything we make and do brings value to our customers and justifies their decision to do business with us.