EHSQ Policy


We consider Environmental protection, Health, Safety & Quality (EHSQ) as integral part of management function, ranking it with construction and similar matters. The management shall, as far as reasonably practicable:

• Identify stakeholder’s requirements, meet the requirements and carry out the services with team spirit.

• Provide safe and healthy working environment for all employees and insist on safe working practices.

• Constantly endeavour to ensure that safety & quality standards are followed and incorporated during the design, installation, operation and maintenance of its entire site to protect employees and the public from the risk of injury or ill-health and prevent damage to property and environment.

• Encourage employee participation in environment, health, safety & quality programmed of the Company.

• Ensure that employees are trained, equipped and instructed to perform their duties in a safe and effective way.

• Conduct all the operations in a manner consistent with good practice to preventing adverse health effects among employees due to physical and chemical agents in the work place.

• Comply with applicable laws and regulations for the protection of environment, health, safety and quality endeavour to improve upon the minimum legal requirements.

The Company relies on the co-operation of all the employees to carry out their responsibilities with due regard not only for their own safety and health but also for safety and health of others.

Every employee is expected to adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of this policy and co-operate with the management to maintain and improve environment, health, and safety & quality standards.

Mr. Shams Parvez Khan
Chairman & Managing Director